Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Targeting Accu-Points For 1st Party Claim Collection

The way that advocacy for the average person works is changing. The constant stream of disengagement, avoidance and low expectation has forced innovation of the citizen advocacy model.  The plan for lifting the voice of individuals with the 1st party experience or claim was dismissed routinely. Before the start of mate3.com networking and the subsequent values bestowed on the 1st party claims. The targets for collecting those claims were not openly considered.

Previously Posted:
Finding The Accu-Points For Individual Claim Collection 
The accu-point promotion campaign is designed and launched to identify the best points for collecting 1st party claims. The goal is to use the gathered claims from individuals to validate and invalidate reports from narrators. We'd like your suggestions for places, people and times that we should collect 1st party claims to improve the accuracy of citizen advocacy. (3/25/18)