Sunday, January 20, 2019

The 3 Levels Of Your Input Empowerment

Level 3 Of Your Input Empowerment
The means to subject violators of your 1st and 2nd levels of empowerment to appear in court, show cause and be liable for damages.

Level 2 Of Your Input Empowerment
The ability to set the policies that help you track, audit and identify when your 1st party claim is being misdirected, manipulated, misaligned or stolen.

Level 1 Of Your Input Empowerment
To set the value, rules and requirement of your 1st party claims and suggestions is the first level of your empowerment. This includes having the expectancy that those who are with you will respect your wishes and position on your empowerment. Having the first level of empowerment is your foundation for creating mutual reward agreement with others. Mutual agreement with others is needed to scale up cooperation which is the producer of both profit and benefits.  

Saturday, January 19, 2019

1st Party Claims Based-Agenda Making

Step-1 Get 3 key 1st-party answers.        
(1) What happened to you?                                                                                                      
(2) What would you like to see happen?
(3) And how do you think others can help? represents a more effective advocacy model for handling the suggestions and claims made by individuals. Our networking starts from the point you make a 1st party claim or share an experience for pointing out a problem or potential problem. The method opens full inclusiveness for defining problems and selecting solutions. This method adds a transparent continuum to what is claimed, collected and acknowledged. 

Step-2 Organize and aggregate the collected 1st party claims for connecting with first step organizers, advocates, databases and others that have similar experiences and claims.

Step-3 Have the 1st party claims of experience collected ready to present as needed to define problems and validate solutions.

Step-4 Invite others to contribute their 1st party claims to the network collection in an ongoing collection effort.

By raising the value of the 1st party claims we create a margin of empowerment for the average person. 

Step-5 simultaneously recruit individuals to initiate 1st party experience based advocacy, activism and volunteerism.